About Me

Hi! My Name is Glen Dragon. I am a web designer and web developer in Philippines.

As a web designer with over 3 years in experience, I am focused on designing websites that are effective, functional, and aesthetic. I am also enthusiastic in web development as a Front-End Developer. Designing and Building websites are my greatest passion. Always like to create fresh ideas, creative designs, and overcoming challenges.

Services I Offer

Web Design

I design website that are beautiful and modern. Always keeping an eye on up to date website designs.

Web Development

I can convert website designs into a website pages or also known as PSD to HTML. I make sure they are pixel perfect as possible.


Customizing templates and sometimes I do small back end coding – if necessary, to achieve the desired result.

Responsive Website

I create websites that are responsive which able to be viewed nicely in mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

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